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SOMiC G Series - 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset with Detachable Mic - 3 Connection Modes: Bluetooth, 2.4G USB Dongle, Wired 3.5mm - Compatible with PS5 / PS4 / PC / Computer / Phone / XBOX / Switch

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Product Description:

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Universal Compatibility: Bluetooth / 2.4G / Wired 3 in 1, supports PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Laptop, Computer, Phone, XBOX, Switch and more.

Unique Design RGB Lights: The stylish headset with mic features cool RGB lights to accentuate the gaming ambience.

2-in-1 Sound Effect Mode with Ultra-low Latency: The headset has 2 sound modes of game and music, which can be used for both listening to songs and games. Ultra-low latency, you can fully enjoy the game experience of audio and video synchronisation.

Surround Sound: Delivers 7.1 panoramic HI-FI-class stereo sound and deep bass through 50mm drivers for an immersive audio ambience. Through professional tuning design, PC wireless headphones achieve better sound quality and more perfect resolution.

Pluggable Microphone: The omnidirectional microphone transmits high-quality communication with its superior voice pickup, and rotates to pick up your voice with high sensitivity, allowing you to pass or receive messages clearly in-game.

Comfortable Fit: Over-ear closed design, headband with padded memory foam, ear cups with thick leatherette and triple-layer memory foam, easy-to-adjust headband. All this not only for longer-lasting comfort, but also to block out ambient noise to help focus on gaming.


Introducing the SOMiC G Series...

Get advanced sound precision for next-gen gaming capabilities. The G Series provides absolutely everything you need in a gaming headset. Featuring 7.1 surround sound audio with pinpoint accuracy in-game, comfortable ear mesh padding for long play and powerful 50mm speakers for immense sound. The SOMiC G Series wireless gaming headset is the perfect headset for any serious gamer.

    Pinpoint Sound Accuracy

    It's what you need in a good gaming headset: clear traceable sound accuracy and with the G Series you get it.

    The 7.1 surround sound capabilities combined with a 50mm speaker gives you the ability to hear enemy footsteps from further away and with far more precision. This gives you an almost unfair advantage when playing against other players that aren't using a headset like the G Series.

    Noise Cancelling Adjustable Microphone

    The SOMiC G Series provides a clear line of communication for you and your team during battle. Featuring two independent microphones, an extra microphone is located on the outside left ear-cup which listens in and cancels any background noise in the room. With these two microphones working together, crystal clear communication with your teammates is achieved.

    Also featuring a fully rotational flexible arm, the G Series allows you to find the perfect position for the microphone to pick up speech without picking up any heavy breathing. The arm has been uniquely reinforced to stay in the exact position you leave it in once positioned. When not needed, the microphone arm can also be raised vertically away and out of your field of view.

    Breathable Ear Padding Designed For Comfort

    When you're gaming for long periods of time, comfort becomes essential. The G Series comes with a breathable ear mesh padding allowing heat to escape to help keep you cool during long intensive play.

    G Series Custom 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Built-in

    A left and right stereo speaker just doesn't cut it when it comes to gaining a competitive edge as you have no idea where sounds are truly coming from. That's where the G Series custom 7.1 virtual surround sound chip comes in. This special chip gives you the ability to pinpoint exactly where sound is coming from and react to it instantly. As well as knowing the true direction in which sound is coming from, you will be able to know the exact distance the sound is coming from as well due to the proportional volume of the sound.

    For example, in a game of Call of Duty you are able to tell exactly where an enemy's footsteps are coming from. Let's say you hear an enemy coming up from behind you. As you are now aware of their presence, these crucial extra microseconds enable you to turn around before they reach you and get the win by aiming down the sights and shooting first. This method of listening in can also result in many extra wins in combat through the use of a technique called 'pre-firing', a method in which you fire a weapon before an enemy makes it around a corner.

    The SOMiC G Series solves all your sound requirements to truly help you win in battle giving you that almost unfair competitive edge.

    Audio + Microphone Control Unit Built-in

    Included with the G Series is a 7.1 sound card unit which controls the audio input and output from your headset. This gives you the ability to increase or decrease the volume of the headset, increase or decrease the sound of your microphone and also toggle your microphone off and on with a simple switch.

    All of these buttons and features have been incorporated into buttons on the actual headset itself. Get volume adjustment, mute switch, game mode EQ and power on / off all at the push of a button.

    Strong Compatibility

    The G Series is compatible with PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Xbox One X and S, Nintendo Switch, Laptops, iPhone and more. Please note that although the G Series is a wireless headset, it is not compatible with Xbox and Nintendo consoles via the wireless function. For these consoles you must use the 3.5mm headphone jack provided.

    Further Features:

    • Free drive virtual 7.1 surround sound effect design, brings you real experience on the scene to distinguish direction through sound.
    • With its 50mm speaker unit for more amazing sound, its bigger speaker unit produces high, medium and low frequency clearly.
    • 3.5mm native interface and with an independent USB 7.1 channel sound card, widely compatible with multiple devices, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Phones, Tablets and more.
    • Three professional sound modes which can be switched depending on whether you are gaming, watching tv or listening to music.
    • Huge 30 hour battery with quick charge feature. Charge for 10 minutes and play for up to 2 hours.

    Technical Specifications:

      SOMiC G Series:

      • Connection: 2.4GHz Wireless + 3.5mm + Bluetooth 5.2
      • Dimensions: Ф9.7*5.0mm
      • Sensitivity: -35dB±3dB
      • SKU: G760
      • Directivity: Unidirectional
      • Mic Impedance: ≤2.2 K Ohm
      • Driver diameter: Ø50mm
      • Parent Brand: SOMiC
      • Series: G Series
      • Speaker Impedance: 20 Ohm ± 15%
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
      • Battery life: 30 hours
      • Net weight: 275g

      Package Includes:

      1x SOMiC G Series Wireless Headset (Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Microphone)
      1x 3.5mm cable + 1x USB 2.4GHz Transmitter
      1x USB to USB C Charging Cable
      1x Retail Box with Protective Internal Packaging

      Works With Additional Devices

      Although the G Series is primarily a gaming headset, they also work as a great pair of headphones as well and are compatible with any device that supports a 3.5mm headphone jack such as laptops, phones, tablets and more.

      What Are You Waiting For?

      Buy the SOMiC G Series today and take your gaming to the next level. Whether you're an avid gamer or looking for the right gift for someone who is, the G Series is an exceptional buy at a great price.

      Questions & Answers

      Have a Question?

      Ask a Question
      • Are they noise canceling?

        Yes, the headset is noise canceling.

      • How do you connect it to ps5?

        You can either use the wireless USB dongle or the 3.5mm headphone jack or connect via bluetooth. The USB dongle is the best connection method for fastest audio transmission wirelessly.

      • Does the microphone disconnect from the headset?

        Yes, the microphone is detachable so can be taken in and out as needed.

      • Does it work with PS5?

        Yes the headset is fully compatible with the PS5 wirelessly.

      • Does it have surround sound audio?

        Yes, the headset provides 7.1 virtual surround sound audio, meaning you can immerse yourself in surround sound.

      • Is it good for gaming? Asking for my son

        The headset is specifically designed for high end gaming performance so yes these would likely be a good purchase for your son.

      • Can you use it as normal headphones

        Yep, just connect via bluetooth and off you go, they are really good too.

      • Are the earmuffs comfy?

        Yes, in my opinion the earmuffs are really comfy. In fact probablly the most comfortable headset I've ever owned.

      • Do you need drivers for using with PC?

        No you don't need drivers to use this headset.

      • Can these be used wired with PS4?

        Yes wired mode through controller or wireless mode via USB dongle.

      • Can these also be wireless when connecting to a Samsung phone? Or would it need access to a headphone jack?

        For this type of connection, you can either use Bluetooth connection wirelessly or you can use the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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